USS Machine

By | 5th February 2018

A little while ago we launched an appeal for a new ultrasound scanning machine. Our old machine had finally come to the ends of its useful life and we needed to raise £5,000 for a new scanner.

In the end, we actually raised £7,000, which meant we were able to purchase a higher quality machine. Apart from being more up to date, it is also considerably smaller – rather than having a portable table in Dr Smith’s room she can now slip it into a coat pocket and even take it out on visits.

The main purpose is to ensure those patients who may not have been able to get to the hospital can have a scan and other patients don’t have to wait so long for an answer. We will mainly screen pregnant ladies to check which way round a baby lies, to check for full bladders, swollen blood vessels and gallstones.

I would like to thanks all our patients for their generosity once again.


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