Testing receptionist

By | 13th June 2012

RefreshingIf you happen to see one of our nurses drinking someone’s urine recently it is likely that you glimpsed a little bit of black humour that helps us all survive the stresses of general practice.

One of our receptionist supplied an unsuspecting nurse with a sample asking to be tested for glucose.

It was duly dipped and the sugar stick rapidly went off the scale. She passed the sample over to the Sister who was in on the deception promptly swigged down the apple juice in one gulp, stating that yes indeed it was sweet!

Which reminded me of a similar trick in medical school where the professor dips his index finger into some urine and then surreptiously licks his middle finger. He asks the medical students to repeat the test and explain what they can taste before telling them that they have learnt 2 valuable lessons;

  1. to observe things more carefully and
  2. to not be so gullible.

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