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I had another amusing consultation with a gentleman who returned for the report of his colonoscopy, a look inside the bowel by inserting a flexible telescope through the anus. The only finding was of piles and a recommendation that he should be followed up for RBL at RBH (Royal Bournemouth Hospital).

Ab Fab

Regular readers will know that I like acronyms. I especially like clever acronyms such as TLAs – (Three Letter Acronyms) or A Clever Ruse Of Nudging Your Memory. However some really irritate me – such as NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) which is fast becoming an Orwellian tool to control GPs.

Frustration with TLAs and bureaucrats

Lets face facts I’m a pretty modest chap. In fact I doubt if there’s a more modest chap on the planet. I’m not one to sing my own praises or even blow my own trumpet but I do consider myself to be a pretty ok GP. And I’m the first to acknowledge that being pretty… Read More »

Maddening TLAs

There are 3 things the NHS loves – bureaucracy, TLAs and controlling doctors, particularly GPs. This may sound paranoid and it probably is, but just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean the government isn’t plotting to undermine general practice!