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Dinosaur Doctor?

We are on the cusp of a technological and genetic revolution. Modern treatments are mind-bogglingly complex. One of our local urology surgeons recently updated us about how he operates on prostates. During my training I assisted at one or two of these operations – I say assisted that was a rather glorified term for hanging… Read More »

NHS Technology

There’s something comforting about how the NHS has embraced modern technology. No matter whom you want to contact there seems a plethora of ways the NHS has embraced = Email, telephone, twitter, texting, websites and so on. It is not often that I feel compelled to call the Department of Health, possibly because my paranoid… Read More »

On-line Booking

We are slowly but surely trying to embrace modern technology. This might sound as though we are Luddites or technophobes, but this is far from the case. However not all technological developments are a step forward. Just because automated phone services and check in systems are available doesn’t mean that your care is improved.

Brain Revolution

We are on the brink of a revolution. Our knowledge of how the brain works has advanced little from the classical philosophers until the advent of sophisticated psychological experiments and functional MRI scanners.

Eternal Youth?

I’m a technophile. Well at least for someone who isn’t just out of school I’m a technophile. The younger generation doesn’t embrace modern technology in the way that the older generations have to. They simply live it. They know no different.