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Worthwhile Resolutions

The New Year is an opportunity for change. For that change to be successful you need to be convinced it’s really worthwhile because change takes a lot of effort, that effort needs energy and commitment.

If I can’t convince you that change is really worthwhile then it simply won’t happen.

So here is my list for some healthy New Year Resolutions. I can’t believe that many of you will be surprised by anything on the list.

Safe smoking?

We all know that smoking damages your health. Indeed there are over 60 carcinogens in cigarette smoke that have been evaluated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and for which there is ‘sufficient evidence for carcinogenicity’ in either laboratory animals or humans – but this almost certainly is a gross underestimate of the… Read More »

Smoking Ethics

I’m a lucky chap – I get paid a lot of money for doing something which I love. I’m a doctor for entirely selfish reasons and yet I also have the benefit of doing a job which inherently feels worthwhile.

Smokers rights and wrongs?

Having survived 12 years of increasing government interference I had hoped that the change of political leadership would start to redress the balance – that freedom of choice would become important again. The greatest freedom of choice is the ability to make our own mistakes without fear of interference.