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Euphemistic government

The government loves euphemisms. Euphemism is in itself a euphemism for saying that something is one thing when you really mean its something else. The classical one is when a prime minister states that he has ‘absolute confidence in the minister ….’ Which means I have absolutely no confidence in the minister and his P45… Read More »

24 / 7 NHS

Several patients have recently asked me how we intend to implement the Government’s flagship program of 7 day access to GPs. When asked such questions I revisit some of the emotions when I first heard the Prime Minister making promises prior to the election. Incredulity, frustration, annoyance, anger and (reluctantly) acceptance. I think Mr Cameron’s… Read More »

Special Election Edition

There was a time when the dates of general elections were decided on the whim of the PM, but one of the first acts of the coalition was to fix elections to a 5 year cycle. I find it hard to believe that our policy makers didn’t think of the possibility that the next election… Read More »

NHS Bingo

It seems I’m not the only GP sceptic about the use of management terms in the running of the NHS. All too often it seems that a lot of people meet to discuss some really important points but little appears to change.

Empty Glass?

I’ve always seen myself as a glass half full sort of person which is pretty useful because a lot of psychological therapies are based on enabling people to see the glass half full rather than half empty. This optimistic world view enables threats to be seen as opportunities. However there is one aspect of my… Read More »