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Letter from a Junior Doctor

Usually the December edition is quite light-hearted. But alas the NHS is facing unprecedented challenges and in view of the impending action by junior doctors it seemed appropriate to tell their side of the story. I fear that the government and media are likely to spin the story a different way. The following letter is… Read More »

No 5 star practice!

I know I’m the first in the queue to moan about politicians, bureaucrats and the Daily Mail. But sometimes they do get things right – sorry I mean the politicians and bureaucrats, the daily mail can be relied upon to always get things wrong!

NHS Choices

Once again I’m appealing to help our cause on NHS direct. If you go to the website you will see that we are rated as being pretty poor – this is a direct result of one adverse comment from an unhappy member of the public who wanted to join the practice but couldn’t because he… Read More »