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I have often been critical of the quality of research which informs how we do things in General Practice. Many years ago we used to actively support good quality research by enrolling in worthy projects. Over the last few years this has fallen by the wayside until now. We will be supporting a number of… Read More »

Memory Clinic

I’m glad to announce that we are able to extend our memory clinic for at least a few more months. I have written previously about the fact that dementia is poorly managed in the UK. This is predominantly because it is under-diagnosed.


Over the last few years there has been a lot of excellent research into what makes people happy. And there is a really interesting paradox what people think makes them happy and what actually makes them happy are two different things.

Virtual Doctor

You go through the whole gamut of emotions when you’re a GP – often during a single surgery. Very occasionally I get the feeling that something has worked well – which makes a pleasant change from ‘perhaps I’ll do that a little different next time round’ – but this morning a patient said something which… Read More »