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My Health, My Way

A little while ago I thought I gave this excellent organisation a plug. I’ve just read through my article again and I suppose I mentioned them but only to the extent that their logo is pretty brilliant. I ranted on at my usual length about the appallingly awful strap lines for most health organisations. Lots… Read More »

Appealing Scanner

We have offered in-house Ultrasound for our patients for many years. We have been able to do this because Dr Smith has the skills to interpret the fuzzy black and white images that are created by sound bouncing around your innards and we have had funds to buy and maintain the scanner. As I’ve mentioned… Read More »

Respectful advice

I confess that over the last few months (or possibly even years) this newsletter has been heavy on opinion (or at the very least ranting) and light on good old fashioned medical advice. This is in part because if I don’t have my monthly rant I will simply explode and in part because I’m not… Read More »

Routine Health Checks

We had a request for details about how people organise routine health checks. I have a very balanced view about health checks – in their place they’re very useful but they can also cause problems if overused.