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Flu jabs

It is that time of year when we start plugging your flu jabs. Usually I remind everyone just how bad the flu can be and rattle off figures about the Spanish flu which struck the world a century ago and killed far more people than the whole of the first world war and most of… Read More »

Flu Jabs

Its that time of year again when we mail out to all of our patients who should have had their flu jab but haven’t yet got round to it. Why do we put so much effort into preventing the flu? Put simply if you’re vulnerable then flu kills. You know you’re vulnerable if you’re getting… Read More »

Beating the Beet?

Regular readers will know that my passion for ranting on about politicians and the mismanagement of the NHS is only exceeded by my passion for beetroot juice. Not only does this liquid gold taste utterly delicious, it also helps counteract the effect that Jeremy Hunt and his cronies have on my blood pressure. I would… Read More »

Flu Clinics

The world really is a small place. I realised this a few weeks ago when I slightly miscalculated our holiday in Malta. I thought I had booked the Monday off so I was pretty relaxed when we stepped onto our plane in Malta at 7am. It was only when I put the kettle on at… Read More »


I’ve just been looking back over a few years newsletters and found that I have been a little late at plugging this year’s flu jabs. Usually I’m pretty good at getting the message across in September ready for the vaccine season which starts in October. This year’s September newsletter was too full of my frustrations… Read More »


I spent much of last winter ranting on about my frustrations with the governments handling of the swine flu crisis. In the end the only crisis was one of mismanagement and I feared then that there would be a backlash of patient confidence in future flu advice.

Dishonest Doctor?

Its all about flu you ask! Its hard to believe that we’re into the flu season again – or rather the flu jabbing season. It seems no time at all since I was scraping the ice off the car last winter. Where did summer go?