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InspectionIt’s the start of the new year and 2015 is likely to be a year of inspections.

We are due to be inspected as a training practice and at some time in the year we will have a visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who are to health care and general practices, what Ofsted is to education and schools.

They have a similar level of power with the ability to withdraw our licence to practice if standards are not met!!

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CQCRegular readers will know that the latest reincarnation of the NHS has a pretty central role for the CQC (Care Quality Commission) in policing the quality of your General Practice.

The old type inspections were relatively low key but there has been a change of leadership and the new inspections have been beefed up a bit.

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New Year & New Challenges

20132013 is a momentous year for the NHS and for General Practice.

The pessimists amongst us may view 2013 as the year that bureaucracy finally conquered the last bastion of resistance in the NHS, General Practice.

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Therapeutic writing – CQC and CRB

Regular readers are well aware that this newsletter is more therapy for me rather than an informative, life changing, therapeutic experience for you.

Most of the time I feel that you should be rewarded for actually getting to the end. The purpose of therapeutic writing is to offload and share your inner worries and by doing so some internal pressure is relieved. I suspect my sanity would have be lost a long time ago were it not for the Denmark Doctor.

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