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Good Computer

Several years ago one of my patients was unable to provide a urine specimen. Unbeknownst to me his wife stepped in and provided the sample instead.

Computer Update

Firstly let’s congratulate ourselves on our new computer system. It really is a seismic leap forward when compared to the old system. At long last I feel the computer actually enhances the consultation – I appreciate that some patients may have concerns that I’m spending much longer looking at the VDU monitor than previously but this… Read More »

New Computer

This month we are updating our computer system. The new system is a significant improvement on the old and we are very hopeful that we will be able to offer a better service all round as a result!! It may be that to begin with we experience a few teething problems – your patience is… Read More »


I rarely get bored during the day, its simply too busy. But when I do have the occasional quiet moment my mind tends to ask a few odd questions such as ‘I wonder how easy it is to find Denmark Road Medical Centre if you’re new to the area?’

Dr Watson?

This newsletter is beginning to feel more like a personal, professional obituary. And this article is another nail in the coffin. Years ago I used to be able to trounce any computer at chess, now even the most basic computers trounce me.

Cunning Plans

I think I may have discovered why computer passwords have to be changed so frequently. When I sit down each morning to log into the computer I have to remember about half a dozen passwords . Furthermore I’m encouraged to ensure that these passwords are not easily identifiable, so my old favourites – dobby, dobby1,… Read More »