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Effective Communication

I was interested to hear recently that the guidance regarding what constitutes effective communication with patients has changed. I remember watching a Royal College of GPs video many years ago demonstrating a perfect consultation. It was an odd experience because I know if I’d have read a transcript of the consultation I would have been… Read More »

Twit or Twitter?

I have been spouting on about social media and importance to modern general practice for a few years. I suspect my spouting has been in part as an encouragement to myself to get something done, because, to be honest, I just don’t get social media.

Subconscious messages?

I often despair of the way we train doctors. There is a belief that there is a simply magic recipe that produces a competent doctor. Simply add the raw ingredients – a naïve student and lots of evidence based training and hey presto 10 years later out pops a fully functioning GP.