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Beating the Beet?

Regular readers will know that my passion for ranting on about politicians and the mismanagement of the NHS is only exceeded by my passion for beetroot juice. Not only does this liquid gold taste utterly delicious, it also helps counteract the effect that Jeremy Hunt and his cronies have on my blood pressure. I would… Read More »

NHS Fruitcase?

****, ***?!!, *** etc etc – I’ve started the week off badly. Four letter words have been issuing forth from my office after learning about the government’s latest brainchild. Naming and shaming GPs who fail to diagnose cancer!!!!!

Cancer leaflet

The Dorset Cancer Network has just produced a leaflet of early warning signs so that the 1 in 3 patients who develop cancer can be diagnosed earlier and cured. The leaflet is an excellent idea but their advice was a little too alarming in our opinion. Here are their recommendations but with my own provisos.