Support Your Practice

By | 1st December 2011

Do you want to support Denmark Road Medical Centre and help in our aim to provide the best possible care to our 6,800 patients?

We know that you value the service we offer. We know that some of you feel the service has already achieved that lofty goal. But we also know that we can always do better, but to do better we need your help.

We need you to look critically and imaginatively at the service we provide and tell us how we could improve. For example this month we’ve started redecorating and are completely revamping the waiting room and how we advertise our services.

We’ve embraced 21st century technology with our new plasma screens. We are also dramatically changing our very dull website. But we know there is more we should be doing. Please tell us. Alternatively you can join the patient group committee which meets every couple of months and helps ensure that the practice continues to put patients at the heart of everything that we do.

Finally you can register on the newsletter website – by doing so you will ensure that you never miss any of these hugely entertaining (ok I exaggerate) and occasionally controversial (no exaggeration here) articles in the Denmark Doctor. But we will also email you to ask for your opinions on a range of developments for the practice.

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