PC Country

By | 1st July 2011

UK CensusFrance is called France, Germany Germany, Spain Spain and so on.

In fact I cannot think of another country which has more than one name until you come to the UK, or GB or the British isles or Britain or England?

But surely in this land which is the bastion of political correctness it should not be United Kingdom because that’s sexist. Its not as though we always have a king is it? There are times when the country is ruled by a Queen and during those periods we should be a UQ.


I would have thought it most appropriate that we choose the neutral title – after all most Chairmen are now Chairpersons some we should be the United Royaldom or Persondom or some other neutral term.

Did you notice on the census form that there were a couple of crafty questions, one which simply stated that this question is intentionally left blank!! What was that about – I’m surprised it hasn’t already spurned a few conspiracy theories.

And then there was the question about your nationality – we were asked to tick one box but had the option of British or English. I took as long pondering that answer as I did to answer the whole of the rest of the document. I looked for hidden meanings, guidance as to what constituted British or English – in the end I opted for what I thought would upset the bureaucrats most and ticked both boxes!

I now wish I’d added another box stating that I was a citizen of the UQ.

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