Patient Participation Group

Patients Participation GroupWhat’s that then?

The Denmark Road Practice has a Patient Participation Group (PPG), a group of volunteers with a variety of experience and age. The PPG’s objective is to make sure that you – the patients of Denmark Road Medical Centre – get the most from the Surgery.

The PPG curently consists of a small group of Practice patients and meets every 2 months at the surgery for about an hour in the evening.

PPG Objectives

The group are there to act as a sounding board for the practice, and a means of receiving and providing feedback from and on behalf of the patients at Denmark Road Medical Centre. The practice may bring forward issues, ideas or concerns to the Patient Group, where they are discussed in some details before they are implemented.

This is a great forum and medium for those concerned with giving the ‘Patients’ a voice and opening up a dialogue between the practice and its patients. It is not a fund-raising body or a complaints body, however, the PPG can and do make a difference to the practice in many ways.

Join the PPG!

If you are interested in joining just ask your GP for more details or contact the PPG by leaving your contact details with Reception – or just click on the Contact the Doc tab at the top right of this page.