Dr Avatar

I don’t know about you but 50% of the calls I receive requests to help me with my recent accident or PPI insurance or whatever. The latest conversation went something like this; Hello it’s Dr Cowley Silence Hello it’s doc-tor cow-ley. Its strange but when I think the person on the other end of the… Read More »

Lancing A Painful Boil

When I first started writing a few years ago I remember being cautious about saying anything controversial for fear that someone might take offence and I’d be shopped to the GMC. Over the years as the consequences of being struck off have diminished (children left home etc) I have felt freer to let rip –… Read More »

Valuable thoughts

I recently attended a training day for GP trainers which was all about the arts. Apparently, today’s doctors have been so focussed on getting to medical school that they have not had the opportunity to study the arts and that hole in their learning is now being shored up by their GP trainers!! Now you… Read More »

NHS solution

Regular readers will know that I have often been less than complimentary about how politicians run the health service. My analysis comes down to the fact that our political system is broken. This disease is hardly restricted to the UK with our long-time allies across the pond shaking their heads in disbelief as their President systematically trashes… Read More »

Genome Machine? Time Machine? Doomsday Machine?

Regular readers know that the world famous polymath Prof Aillo only publishes his groundbreaking work once a year on April 1st and only in the Denmark Doctor. This year’s seismic research is all about genetics. It took over a decade and $2.7 billion dollars to sequence the first whole genome. For most of us a book containing the correct… Read More »