New Screening?

By | 1st December 2011

It cannot have escaped your notice that our waiting room has had a couple of major changes.

Firstly we’re in the throes of redecorating, the practice needs a spruce up. But secondly all the notice boards have gone. After 12 years we’ve accepted the inevitable, which is that nobody ever really read what was on them!! So we’ve bitten the bullet and invested in modern technology and put up a couple of plasma screens.


We were offered a similar system a few years ago but only needed 10 seconds to turn down the companies generous offer – the installation and running of the screens wouldn’t have cost us a penny, because the content was so appallingly awful. A rolling program of adverts without much else – a sort of visual version of muzak designed to numb your senses before seeing the doctor or nurse. Such things drive us to suicide!

I do not know yet what we are going to display, that is predominantly up to you to decide. But I do know what we’re not going to show and that is any form of advertising. We expect to have a rolling program of practice services, health promotion and plugging such things as membership of the patient group.

But we are really keen to focus on topics such as the importance of knowing your blood pressure. We need your help to tell us what you feel should or should not go on the screens.

Thank you.

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