Insomnia – A problem with Aliens & Higher Dimensions

By | 24th April 2010

We spend a third of our lives asleep and yet we do not know why we sleep.

We have a number of theories but up until now no one has actually found out the real reasons.

Thanks to years of top secret and pioneering research by Prof Ailo and Dr Fay Allisoop I can now reveal that the curious way we spend our sleeping hours is a mind boggling mix of biology, evolution, physics and extraterrestrials.

We have know for years that when we sleep our brain emits electrical activity. Sleep experts have been monitoring this activity with polysomnography and indeed base the four stages of sleep, one stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movements) and three stages of NREM (Non REM), on the rates of alpha and delta wave activity. Prof Ailo looked at the nature of this wave activity and noticed that there appeared to be an organised regularity to these patterns that were not random in nature.

However it was only when he teamed up with Dr Allisop, an expert involved with SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) that he made progress. Prof Aillo had simply hoped that the enormous computing power available to the SETI project could unlike the code of these alpha and delta waves. What they discovered shocked them and will change all our understandings about the fundamental nature of the Universe. The SETI program immediately identified an organised pattern in the brain waves which were identical in nature to the WOW signal uncovered by them in 1977 and the Lorimer Burst in 2008. After this the research took an unexpected twist.

It is now apparent that the discredited author Eric Von Daniken was right. We were indeed visited by an alien civilisation hundreds of thousands of years ago and much as we are on the cusp of genetically modifying the human race now, they genetically modified us then. Without their intervention we would not have become creative or war-faring. However their ability to genetically modify us went way beyond what we are capable of doing. It has long been a curiosity to genetic scientists that most of our DNA appears to be functionless – it is merely bits of glue between the active genes. We now know that that could not be further from the truth, it is this majority of our DNA that was manipulated by our ancestral visitors.

They discovered long ago that space was simply too vast to travel in time. We know that there is almost certainly life in space but we will never be aware of that life due to the vastness of space. However if you travel outside of our usual four dimensions and venture into the twelfth dimension of reality then space contracts and you are not bounded by Einsteinian physics. The secret that these ancient travellers gave us is how to tap into this twelfth dimension. It transpires that our brains, when awake cannot envisage anything outside of our four dimensions, to do so risks madness. However when we sleep these limitations are put to one side, in our dream states anything is possible. It is during REM sleep that our brains light up with activity and our subconscious goes into overdrive.

The combination of this enormous computing power which is driven by the DNA code laid down millennia ago enables us to access the twelfth dimension and in doing so we cross time and space and enter into a world which is both real and weird. It is in this state that our ancient forefathers are able to communicate with us and with their help we are able to repair our bodies and brains.

Now you may be sceptical about the ground shattering nature of this research but a moment’s reflection should enable you to appreciate the possibilities – without food you can survive months, without sleep you can only survive a few days. A single day without sleep and you are hardly able to function. Think how real your dreams are – when you are in a dream it is your reality. How many times have you gone to bed trying to solve an insoluble problem only to awake with the solution.

Now you know that it wasn’t you but ET who solved your conundrum!

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