Flu Clinics

By | 13th September 2012

Flu ClinicThe world really is a small place.

I realised this a few weeks ago when I slightly miscalculated our holiday in Malta.

I thought I had booked the Monday off so I was pretty relaxed when we stepped onto our plane in Malta at 7am. It was only when I put the kettle on at home that I found out I wasn’t going to have a leisurely day off but would be doing my usual stint at the practice.

Incredibly I still managed to see some patients who were booked in to the end of the morning surgery. Small world, fast planes and the benefit of flying into Bournemouth rather than London.

I’ve now received an Email warning me that travellers to New Zealand need to be vaccinated against H3N2 flu virus which has put 6 people in intensive care. This promises to be no ordinary flu infection, which is why we’re now being given the heads up – it is almost certain this strain of flu will hit the UK in the winter and because the early warning system is so sensitive this is one of the 3 strains in this years flu vaccine.

The message is clear and simple – make sure you sign up for our flu clinic in early October if you have a chronic illness or you’re older than 65 years.

Chronic illness includes liver, kidney, heart or lung disease along with diabetes and neurological conditions and patients who are immunocompromised (usually due to taking long term steroids or chemotherapy).

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