Eternal Youth?

By | 24th November 2009

TechnologyI’m a technophile. Well at least for someone who isn’t just out of school I’m a technophile.

The younger generation doesn’t embrace modern technology in the way that the older generations have to. They simply live it. They know no different.

As much as am a technophile I still cannot understand Facebook or Twitter. The whole concept of sharing your life with everybody seems odd, but to the younger generation it is the norm.

Around the world

Our son, Tom, has just set off on his around the world trip and is keeping a blog so we and the rest of the world can follow his progress. I’d not heard about blogs — well that’s not surprising when you’re as ignorant as I am about Facebook and Twitter – and to me a blog sounds like something best not walked in or alternatively something to be chucked onto a fire!

Amazingly if his blog becomes successful i.e has a readership equivalent to that of the Daily Mail, then he can make a bundle-of cash out of it as well!! So if you’re interested in helping Tom keep solvent on his around the world travels, why not improve your health by giving up the Daily Mail and visiting Tom’s blogsite at

My ignorance about these modern communication channels presents me with a challenge. How can I engage with a group of patients whose experiences are so different and change at such a pace? I’m sure there must be a young GP somewhere who is consulting his patients via Facebook or some other cutting edge medium and leaving old fogies like me in the shade. Nonetheless in my ponderous way I do try to keep up with progress.


This article was originally typed out on my mobile phone. I was never able to use predictive text so that is quite an achievement, and it is solely due to the fact that my wife is becoming an iPhone widow. Every week I’m surprised at some marvellous new application which I’ve downloaded. Today it is a bar-code reader which is able to identify the object of your desire and whilst you’re still thinking “how did it do that?” it shows you where you can buy it at half the price!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bit of smart technology that is set to change the way that half the world shops at a ridiculously cheap price. At a stroke it threatens the very future of conventional shopping.

It is this amazing pace of change that makes me think that dinosaurs like myself may be on the way out. Surely it can’t be long before some medic techno whiz is able to find a way of comparing doctors. Rather than a bar code they’ll simply snap your picture and hey presto within a couple of seconds you’ll know that I qualified from Birmingham university in 1983, I don’t like following guidelines but do like criticising the Daily Mail!

Come to think of it that doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe I should get myself bar-coded and speed up the process?

So if you see me with some odd rash consisting of vertical black lines neatly, arranged across my forehead, I am not ill, I do not have anything contagious, I am simply trying to keep up with technology, to keep my job and to reach out to the younger generation.

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