Escape Pain

By | 5th February 2018

I have mentioned our efforts to help patients with chronic pain come off opiates. The problem lies in the fact that a few years ago the medical profession was of the opinion that morphine and its derivatives were really good for managing pain provided that you got the dose right – the simple message was that if you were still in pain then all you had to do was to increase the dose. The bizarre thing is that there was no real ceiling to the dose you could give.

The wisdom was very successfully pedaled by big pharma – some of the world’s biggest companies who have medicalised lots of emotional, behavioral and educational problems as well. Not surprisingly this message was most eagerly pedalled in the USA – there were 59,000 deaths in the USA due to a drug overdose last year and it is now the commonest cause of deaths in the under 50-year-olds.

The reality is that opiates work well for short-term pain relief but do not work well long term and should be avoided.
Which is why I’d like to plug a new service called Escape Pain. This is a 6-week course costing a mere £45 with classes at Pelhams and Littledown throughout this month.

It is a group education course to help anyone with chronic (long-standing) knee or hip pain. At the end of 6 weeks, you will be able to carry out normal activities, manage your symptoms, be more active and regularly exercise. If you’re interested email or call 01202 055773.

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