Meet The Denmark Doctor

Dr Nigel Cowley

Dr Nigel Cowley

Dr Cowley has been a GP since 1989 – initially in Salisbury and subsequently in Bournemouth.

Over the last 20 years he was worked through a period of unprecedented change in the NHS. Most of this change has been imposed from on high by a succession of governments and their advisors who really should know better. To paraphrase a popular saying – Those who They who can’t..teach. And those who can’t teach end up being bureaucrats!.

It is a constant source of amazement that GPs do not suffer from high levels of mental health problems due to the frustration of having to keep their political masters and their patients happy. It is quite frankly an impossible task in what is arguably the world’s most demanding and difficult job. It is also the most rewarding and humbling job on the planet and one which it is a privilege to do, especially in an idyllic setting on the south coast of England.

It is vital to offload these frustrations in a healthy way. Running helps but even running Marathons cannot offload some of the idiocy and lunacy which comes from the heady mix of bureaucrats, experts and politicians devising new health strategies.

Out of the primordial soup of all this frustration was born The Denmark Doctor which is now in its 14th year.

It is an eclectic mix of political commentary, medical developments, life at Denmark Road and a lot of black humour.