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Bionic Man

I think I’m pretty fit for someone who receives mail from Saga. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink any alcohol, I do drink lots of beetroot juice, I run lots, I eat healthily, I don’t have any chronic health problems and I don’t take any medication. Now I appreciate that a lot of these benefits… Read More »

Dignified Death

The government knows that most health clinicians are incapable of thinking for themselves. The cynic in me feels that this is just part and parcel of living in a nanny state which seeks to control all aspects of our lives. I have learnt over the years that whenever a government (of any colour) says that… Read More »

Foolish Answer

Hopefully you realised that my rant about allow natural death forms wasn’t an April Fool. But the government has tried to name and shame GPs, the New Scientist did (unbelievably) publish a non-April fool article about head transplants. My poo may indeed be a really invaluable treatment in the future and there are a number… Read More »

Results of her Autopsy

A patient recently phoned in for the results of her autopsy. I reassured her that unless she was a zombie she was a little premature. I would like to remind our non-zombie patients that it helps us if you can phone in for the results of bloods tests after 10 am.

Mad Doctor?

A few of my regular readers might wonder why I continue to practice medicine – it’s quite apparent that I have little time for bureaucrats who increasingly seem to infuriate and irritate me with a series of interventions that take up inordinate time and resources for virtually no benefit to the patients.

A question of fat?

Many thanks for the patient who quipped that he was older and wider. It made me think of another patient years previously who misquoted hamlet (twice mentioned in this newsletter – well he was the prince of Denmark so I guess its allowed), ‘Tubby or not tubby, fat is the question!’