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Virtuous doctors

Thanks to another exciting development from Prof Aillo we will soon be pioneering virtual surgeries. Occulus Rift and HTC Vive will be releasing their new and fantastically exciting Virtual Reality headsets in the next month or so. For those of you who’ve not been excitedly following their development donning a VR headset means you can… Read More »

Easter treat?

Welcome to the Easter edition of the Denmark Doctor. It is a little late being published because, for once, I was a little uninspired. As regular readers will know most of my inspiration is really simply frustration with the government and the media. Even though we are witnessing the slow but inexorable death of the… Read More »

Not So Retiring

Mark Twain famously quipped that the report of his death had been an exaggeration. I find myself thinking the same about some spurious rumours of my retirement. I have had a number of people wish me well, for which I’ve thanked them and then said that the reports of my retirement are an exaggeration. The… Read More »


I couldn’t help but smile at some feedback from a patient this month. ‘Why can’t Dr Cowley get someone else to write the newsletter?’ The non paranoid side of me likes to think that they were concerned that my little grey cells might need some rest from Denmark Doctor related over exertions. The more rational… Read More »

Effective Communication

I was interested to hear recently that the guidance regarding what constitutes effective communication with patients has changed. I remember watching a Royal College of GPs video many years ago demonstrating a perfect consultation. It was an odd experience because I know if I’d have read a transcript of the consultation I would have been… Read More »