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Birth of a salesman?

SmokingI’ve been reading a few articles recently about how to sell things.

Don’t worry I’m not contemplating a change of career it was just a matter of idle curiosity of my wandering mind (or should that be wondering mind).

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Deaf Doctor Strikes Again

Fawlty Towers - BBCMy increasing deafness and over active imagination has been playing up again.

Years ago I misheard a charming supportive daughter ask whether genital warts would help her mother to lose weight.

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Nudge, nudge

Nudge NudgeNudge, nudge, wink, wink, do you know what I mean?

I suspect not if you didn’t know who the two Ronnies were, but this is a quote from their contemporaries, Monty Python, which came to my mind when I read about some recent research into changing peoples behaviour.

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