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Vets and Pets Lessons for us all

As regular readers know now that our kids have well and truly left home we’ve replaced them with surrogates namely Mitsi and Milly our cockerpoo and caverpoo respectively. Pets have the most amazing ability to enhance human well-being. The genius who isolates the gene in dogs which controls their default mood mode ie ecstatic happiness, will simultaneously… Read More »

Dear Santa

Dear Santa Claus AKA Father Xmas AKA St Nick AKA Kris Kringle, I’m a little worried I may have left my Xmas letter a little late, but hopefully, your little helpers might be able to fit in one more wish list. I know that most selfless people wish for peace on Earth and all that… Read More »

Positional Problem?

Many thanks to a patient for sharing some rather alarming advice regarding a recent referral. He had been referred to hospital for a worsening curvature of a delicate part of his anatomy which makes certain intimate relations an impossibility. The condition goes by the odd name of Peyronies which affects about 1% of men. Thankfully it is… Read More »

Echo Letter

Regular readers know that certain media outlets will not be on my Christmas card list. I should have asked Santa to visit various unfortunate events on the proprietors of the Daily Mail but that might have been pushing my wishlist a little far. Alas our local paper has fared little better this year, naming and… Read More »

A Good Place?

The longer I do this job the more I realise I don’t know. This does sound incredibly depressing, but medicine has the ability to be a great leveller. When I was young and ignorant, I was quick to criticise my colleagues for their shortcomings. 30 years later I have demonstrated those same shortcomings many times over. I… Read More »

Dinosaur Doctor?

We are on the cusp of a technological and genetic revolution. Modern treatments are mind-bogglingly complex. One of our local urology surgeons recently updated us about how he operates on prostates. During my training I assisted at one or two of these operations – I say assisted that was a rather glorified term for hanging… Read More »

The Computer Says … Sorry

I am sure many of you will be acutely aware that we have recently changed our computer system. This has been one of the most difficult processes that the practice has had to endure since we moved to Denmark Road 20 years ago. We have often upgraded our system but usually, during this process, we… Read More »