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Escape Pain

I have mentioned our efforts to help patients with chronic pain come off opiates. The problem lies in the fact that a few years ago the medical profession was of the opinion that morphine and its derivatives were really good for managing pain provided that you got the dose right – the simple message was… Read More »

USS Machine

A little while ago we launched an appeal for a new ultrasound scanning machine. Our old machine had finally come to the ends of its useful life and we needed to raise £5,000 for a new scanner. In the end, we actually raised £7,000, which meant we were able to purchase a higher quality machine.… Read More »

My Health, My Way

A little while ago I thought I gave this excellent organisation a plug. I’ve just read through my article again and I suppose I mentioned them but only to the extent that their logo is pretty brilliant. I ranted on at my usual length about the appallingly awful strap lines for most health organisations. Lots… Read More »

Appealing Scanner

We have offered in-house Ultrasound for our patients for many years. We have been able to do this because Dr Smith has the skills to interpret the fuzzy black and white images that are created by sound bouncing around your innards and we have had funds to buy and maintain the scanner. As I’ve mentioned… Read More »

Brexit Madness

Regular readers will know that I’m not averse from criticising a politician or two. This is usually because they’ve been interfering with the working of the NHS which tends to be to the detriment of all of us. The present austerity measures were based on a flawed academic paper from the USA but even when… Read More »