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Parkrun Practice

Regular readers will know that I have extolled the benefits of exercise for a long time. If exercise were a drug it would be unethical not to add it to tap water. Roughly speaking regular exercise, 30 mins x5 per week sufficient to make you feel short of breath, halves your risk of heart disease,… Read More »


I’m sure you will all now be aware that we are no longer able to accept prescription requests over the phone. I know that many of you have signed up for internet access to our website where due to the wonders of modern technology you can access your medical records—well a part of your records,… Read More »

Dear Santa

Dear Santa Claus AKA Father Xmas AKA St Nick AKA Kris Kringle, I’m a little worried I may have left my Xmas letter a little late, but hopefully, your little helpers might be able to fit in one more wish list. I know that most selfless people wish for peace on Earth and all that… Read More »

A Good Place?

The longer I do this job the more I realise I don’t know. This does sound incredibly depressing, but medicine has the ability to be a great leveller. When I was young and ignorant, I was quick to criticise my colleagues for their shortcomings. 30 years later I have demonstrated those same shortcomings many times over. I… Read More »

Deficit Disorder

I was recently invited to an expert group in London to discuss the management of Adult ADHD. I must confess being a little surprised because I was invited to join the group on the grounds that I was an expert on ADHD. Now my expertise in this area is limited to knowing what the acronym… Read More »