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We are one, we are legion

The celebrated polymath Prof Aillo has once again come up with some ground breaking research which is set to change the whole nature of medicine and forensic science. You may think you are a single person. I know that Nigel Cowley is me and I believe I’m unique (at least within this universe). But the… Read More »


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our April 1st newsletter. You may think the ideas expressed are somewhat ridiculous but as often is the case there is a kernel of reality in both ideas. The figures regarding your microscopic allies are all factual and forensic scientists are indeed developing sniffer tools to detect which bacteria are in a… Read More »

Easter treat?

Welcome to the Easter edition of the Denmark Doctor. It is a little late being published because, for once, I was a little uninspired. As regular readers will know most of my inspiration is really simply frustration with the government and the media. Even though we are witnessing the slow but inexorable death of the… Read More »

Worthwhile Resolutions

The New Year is an opportunity for change. For that change to be successful you need to be convinced it’s really worthwhile because change takes a lot of effort, that effort needs energy and commitment.

If I can’t convince you that change is really worthwhile then it simply won’t happen.

So here is my list for some healthy New Year Resolutions. I can’t believe that many of you will be surprised by anything on the list.

Not So Retiring

Mark Twain famously quipped that the report of his death had been an exaggeration. I find myself thinking the same about some spurious rumours of my retirement. I have had a number of people wish me well, for which I’ve thanked them and then said that the reports of my retirement are an exaggeration. The… Read More »


I couldn’t help but smile at some feedback from a patient this month. ‘Why can’t Dr Cowley get someone else to write the newsletter?’ The non paranoid side of me likes to think that they were concerned that my little grey cells might need some rest from Denmark Doctor related over exertions. The more rational… Read More »