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NHS – A political football

I have complained ad nausem about the NHS being used as a political football, kicked around every so often for this or that party to get elected or unelected. The metaphor works pretty well. The NHS always seems to bounce back no matter how much it’s kicked around. Most politicians seem unaware which side they’re… Read More »

NHS solution

Regular readers will know that I have often been less than complimentary about how politicians run the health service. My analysis comes down to the fact that our political system is broken. This disease is hardly restricted to the UK with our long-time allies across the pond shaking their heads in disbelief as their President systematically trashes… Read More »

The End of the NHS is Nigh

Last month’s Newsletter was vaguely informative and moved away from my usual rants and Doomsday scenarios. This month we’ve returned to more normal ground and open up with a couple of articles predicting the demise of General Practice—both from differing but ultimately similar causes—the profit of private companies working in the NHS. GP at hand—… Read More »

A Cunning Plan

I have written many times over the last 20 years about the onward march of bureaucracy and being politically correct over pragmatism.  This insidious disease pervades all aspects of society and is typified by prioritising process over outcomes and appearance over substance. Medicine becomes a specialty which over investigates and records every minutiae to protect… Read More »

Deficit Disorder

I was recently invited to an expert group in London to discuss the management of Adult ADHD. I must confess being a little surprised because I was invited to join the group on the grounds that I was an expert on ADHD. Now my expertise in this area is limited to knowing what the acronym… Read More »