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Save the NHS

I have recently been sent an Email asking me to sign up to a group to help save the NHS via the website 38 Degrees. I hope this is a sign that more and more people are starting to understand the crisis which is affecting general practice. We are teetering on the brink of an… Read More »

Letter from a Junior Doctor

Usually the December edition is quite light-hearted. But alas the NHS is facing unprecedented challenges and in view of the impending action by junior doctors it seemed appropriate to tell their side of the story. I fear that the government and media are likely to spin the story a different way. The following letter is… Read More »

New Contract

We discovered a month ago that our contract with the government to provide your care could be rescinded by the government without any discussion with the practice at all!! This is a surprise because when we signed the contract 15 years ago we had a lot of guaranteed safeguards in place. What I hadn’t appreciated… Read More »

Euphemistic government

The government loves euphemisms. Euphemism is in itself a euphemism for saying that something is one thing when you really mean its something else. The classical one is when a prime minister states that he has ‘absolute confidence in the minister ….’ Which means I have absolutely no confidence in the minister and his P45… Read More »