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Birth of a salesman?

SmokingI’ve been reading a few articles recently about how to sell things.

Don’t worry I’m not contemplating a change of career it was just a matter of idle curiosity of my wandering mind (or should that be wondering mind).

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Politics and the NHS

Vote CowleyI remember at medical school being warned that often medicine and politics don’t mix.

I’m not quite sure what this means but I suspect that most patients would feel uncomfortable if they discovered their GP was a card carrying member of the BNP – indeed I would expect the GMC to take a pretty dim view that a health professional who is committed to equality and diversity could belong to any political organisation which holds prejudicial views.

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Dictators and Judges and The Daily Mail

PanoramaI was one of the 7 million viewers who watched with horror and fascination the recent Panorama documentary on North Korea

I was particularly interested with their high tech hospital which someone presumably high up in the North Korea hierarchy deemed worthy of showing off to curious foreigners.

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