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The NHS is broke. Broke in the sense of being chronically underfunded and broke in the sense of broken. I know the politicians will tell us about us about how they are protecting funding and investing more in the future – but this smacks of too little too late. Even now when I do see… Read More »

Lancing A Painful Boil

When I first started writing a few years ago I remember being cautious about saying anything controversial for fear that someone might take offence and I’d be shopped to the GMC. Over the years as the consequences of being struck off have diminished (children left home etc) I have felt freer to let rip –… Read More »

The End of the NHS is Nigh

Last month’s Newsletter was vaguely informative and moved away from my usual rants and Doomsday scenarios. This month we’ve returned to more normal ground and open up with a couple of articles predicting the demise of General Practice—both from differing but ultimately similar causes—the profit of private companies working in the NHS. GP at hand—… Read More »

Echo Letter

Regular readers know that certain media outlets will not be on my Christmas card list. I should have asked Santa to visit various unfortunate events on the proprietors of the Daily Mail but that might have been pushing my wishlist a little far. Alas our local paper has fared little better this year, naming and… Read More »

A Cunning Plan

I have written many times over the last 20 years about the onward march of bureaucracy and being politically correct over pragmatism.  This insidious disease pervades all aspects of society and is typified by prioritising process over outcomes and appearance over substance. Medicine becomes a specialty which over investigates and records every minutiae to protect… Read More »