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24 / 7 NHS

Several patients have recently asked me how we intend to implement the Government’s flagship program of 7 day access to GPs. When asked such questions I revisit some of the emotions when I first heard the Prime Minister making promises prior to the election. Incredulity, frustration, annoyance, anger and (reluctantly) acceptance. I think Mr Cameron’s… Read More »

Special Election Edition

There was a time when the dates of general elections were decided on the whim of the PM, but one of the first acts of the coalition was to fix elections to a 5 year cycle. I find it hard to believe that our policy makers didn’t think of the possibility that the next election… Read More »

Shame and Blame

My previous rant this month has been on one of my favourite subjects, my frustration with the government and political interference with the NHS. When things go wrong it invariably seems to me that society (led by the Daily Mail) needs a scapegoat, it needs someone to blame. If someone has made a mistake, they… Read More »

Psychopaths and Psychopathy

This slightly odd edition of the Denmark doctor is focused on psychopaths and psychopathy. Apart from the first half dozen editions of the newsletters the Denmark Doctor has not been a typical General Practice newsletter which should inform about the practice and various health matters. Ideally it should complement the care given by the doctors… Read More »

Mad Doctor?

A few of my regular readers might wonder why I continue to practice medicine – it’s quite apparent that I have little time for bureaucrats who increasingly seem to infuriate and irritate me with a series of interventions that take up inordinate time and resources for virtually no benefit to the patients.

New NHS review?

You won’t believe it but Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has commissioned an outside agency to undertake a root and branch review of the Health Service locally. Actually if you work in the NHS you won’t be in the least bit surprised because we seem to be forever navel gazing and reviewing things.