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A Cunning Plan

I have written many times over the last 20 years about the onward march of bureaucracy and being politically correct over pragmatism.  This insidious disease pervades all aspects of society and is typified by prioritising process over outcomes and appearance over substance. Medicine becomes a specialty which over investigates and records every minutiae to protect… Read More »

Resilient Doctors

I think I might have written about resilience before – it is a word that I had hardly heard mentioned up until about 3 years ago – prior to then, resilience was a word used to describe some physical object which could withstand some form of external pressure, like aluminium being rust resistant. Now it… Read More »


We all know that statins cause muscle pains. We know this because….. well just google Daily Mail and Statins and you’ll discover that the Daily Mail has a crusade against statins which is only surpassed by its crusade against GPs. Thanks to the Mail roughly a quarter of people who should be taking statins no… Read More »