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NHS Fruitcase?

Frank Muir****, ***?!!, *** etc etc – I’ve started the week off badly.

Four letter words have been issuing forth from my office after learning about the government’s latest brainchild. Naming and shaming GPs who fail to diagnose cancer!!!!!

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Birth of a salesman?

SmokingI’ve been reading a few articles recently about how to sell things.

Don’t worry I’m not contemplating a change of career it was just a matter of idle curiosity of my wandering mind (or should that be wondering mind).

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Politics and the NHS

Vote CowleyI remember at medical school being warned that often medicine and politics don’t mix.

I’m not quite sure what this means but I suspect that most patients would feel uncomfortable if they discovered their GP was a card carrying member of the BNP – indeed I would expect the GMC to take a pretty dim view that a health professional who is committed to equality and diversity could belong to any political organisation which holds prejudicial views.

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