Answers to Christmas Puzzler

By | 1st December 2011

I suspect that many people who looked at the quiz were more puzzled about how my brain works rather than the puzzles themselves!

But I guess we’re all excited by different things and that it the spice of life.

The great thing about mathematics is that it underpins all of life. If God is ever proved to exist or shown merely to be a product of our amazing brains, then you can be sure that mathematics will underpin that proof. Every branch of scientific enquiry uses maths as its fundamental foundation.

Talking of God brings me back to the answer to Question 1. God and the story of Adam and Eve. When Eve popped into existence she asked Adam who he was, to which he replied ‘Madam I’m Adam.’

Question 2. Cast your minds back to Thursday 30th January 2003. Because I’m so obsessed with palidromes I always try hard to see if there is a way of twisting the date to fit—but this was pretty easy. 30.1.03.

The Friday proved to be a little trickier but I think still works 31.1.3 There was no way the Saturday and Sunday could have palidromed but I missed not putting down 1.2.3 (or 01.02.03) for Saturday!

But on Monday I had that spine tingling moment of realising that the date could be written 3.2.3!!

Wow, a once in a millennia moment!