Monthly Archives: February 2012

NHS Technology

Telephone boxThere’s something comforting about how the NHS has embraced modern technology.

No matter whom you want to contact there seems a plethora of ways the NHS has embraced = Email, telephone, twitter, texting, websites and so on. It is not often that I feel compelled to call the Department of Health, possibly because my paranoid self thinks they have a file marked ‘Dr Nigel Cowley – stroppy GP Bournemouth always complaining about new initiatives – handle with care but if at all possible avoid all contact.’

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Grass a Granny Campaign

Now I bet that caught your interest.

Grass a Granny. To misquote Heineken ‘Possibly the best alliteration ever’. It marries up two opposite philosophies – grassing – a dishonourable behaviour even amongst thieves and grannies – the ultimate and universal example of respectability.

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Revamped websites

Spider WebI’m ever keen to get patients to visit our websites.

We have a superb newsletter website where you can easily access all previous editions of the newsletter. It now has an amazing search facility—which I’ve found invaluable.

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