Yearly Archives: 2012

Christmas Crackers

I was weaned on the Readers Digest and used to avidly read two sections—the word puzzle page and ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ Throughout my career I have reflected on the wisdom of this statement. People who laugh more are happier, less stressed and live longer!!

The Big Question

How often do you take a step back and ask yourself what is life all about? I know that regular readers will be surprised by my asking such a serious question. They are used to reading flippant articles and meanderings which often touch upon the comical but rarely appear to touch the fundamental.

Ab Fab

Regular readers will know that I like acronyms. I especially like clever acronyms such as TLAs – (Three Letter Acronyms) or A Clever Ruse Of Nudging Your Memory. However some really irritate me – such as NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) which is fast becoming an Orwellian tool to control GPs.

Science League

Do you personally know a scientist? Someone who has studied science at University and now works in a scientific job. I think most of us would wrack our brains and struggle to identify an eccentric friend with hair popping out of his scalp at odd angles, who plays with Bunsen burners and seems to be… Read More »

Paperless Practice – Patient Free Practice

There is an excellent Yes Minister sketch in which Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey have been shown around a brand new state of the art hospital. Sir Humphrey was singing the praises of the staff and the wonderful services it offered and was particularly impressed with their efficiency, the cleanliness, how hard working all the… Read More »

Review Clinics

We live in an age of supreme information technology. If I had been alive 100 years ago most of what happens in the world would have happened unnoticed to me – even events of momentous importance took months to reach the papers.