Yearly Archives: 2012

Science League

Albert EinsteinDo you personally know a scientist? Someone who has studied science at University and now works in a scientific job.

I think most of us would wrack our brains and struggle to identify an eccentric friend with hair popping out of his scalp at odd angles, who plays with Bunsen burners and seems to be pre-occupied with high powered thoughts, living in his own world.

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Paperless Practice – Patient Free Practice

Yes MinisterThere is an excellent Yes Minister sketch in which Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey have been shown around a brand new state of the art hospital.

Sir Humphrey was singing the praises of the staff and the wonderful services it offered and was particularly impressed with their efficiency, the cleanliness, how hard working all the staff were and so on. After a while Jim stopped his eulogising and asked if Sir Humphrey had spotted anything unusual or more particularly something which should have been there but wasn’t?

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