Monthly Archives: March 2011

Research help

Bournemouth University is planning a research project to help people in the community learn how to examine their skin for the early signs of skin cancer. They are looking for volunteers aged over 18 to help plan and design the project. If you’re interested then please contact Helen Allen on 01202 961939 or email

Subconscious messages?

I often despair of the way we train doctors. There is a belief that there is a simply magic recipe that produces a competent doctor. Simply add the raw ingredients – a naïve student and lots of evidence based training and hey presto 10 years later out pops a fully functioning GP.

On-line Booking

We had our first patient use the on line booking system this week. She said it was really easy to use and was particularly useful because she could book an appointment when the surgery is closed. What is particularly helpful is that when you make the appointment you can free-text a message – such as… Read More »

Know your own Blood Pressure?

You should have noticed that there is a new addition to the waiting room. Nicely tucked away in the corner is an automated BP machine. Simply insert your arm press a button and a few seconds later a ticket is printed with your blood pressure. So far its been a great success with our staff… Read More »


Thanks to the fact that the editor of the magazine Uncovered lives in Christchurch, and the excellent psychologist giving first rate advice is a colleague of mine, we have been donated a few editions of the magazine which specialises on ‘uncovering’ mental health issues. Charlotte Fantelli, editor in chief, would dearly like your feedback. Please tell… Read More »