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Backpain Panto!


Cast of Characters

Cinders – our long suffering heroine
Sciatica – the wicked step mother
Inebria & Nicotina – Cinder’s sister
Doctors Panacea & Placebo – locum doctors at Denmark Road
Sister Toogood Toobetrue – District nurse
Ivor Flash Blade – Visiting orthopaedic surgeon
Cat Scan – Chief Radiologist

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Guilty Training

I’ve just returned from a 3 day reflective trainers course.

These are great learner centred educational meetings which have no real agenda and only a loose structure.

The learning is owned by the group and can tend to go in any direction. It is always enjoyable and often generates some unexpected results. One interesting nugget I picked up is how to apologise when you’re running late.

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Answers to Christmas Puzzler

I suspect that many people who looked at the quiz were more puzzled about how my brain works rather than the puzzles themselves!

But I guess we’re all excited by different things and that it the spice of life.

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Christmas Puzzler

I’ve told you many times that my brain is wired differently.

For example I have an annoying habit of manipulating things subconsciously and joining imaginary lines. For example, no matter how hard I try to avoid drawing imaginary diagonal lines across the ceiling of a room in an attempt to make a perfect square, I just cannot stop myself.

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New Screening?

It cannot have escaped your notice that our waiting room has had a couple of major changes.

Firstly we’re in the throes of redecorating, the practice needs a spruce up. But secondly all the notice boards have gone. After 12 years we’ve accepted the inevitable, which is that nobody ever really read what was on them!! So we’ve bitten the bullet and invested in modern technology and put up a couple of plasma screens.

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