New Job

Well the dust is beginning to settle from a momentous month’s cataclysmic events. In an ideal world I would now be celebrating the fact that our CQC report was the best ever recorded, the UK have confirmed its commitment to the ideals of the EU, England would be football champions in Europe and we wouldn’t… Read More »

Not Fit For Purpose? – CQC Report

Last month I described our CQC inspection as being a grueling but worthwhile experience. This month the results will be published. The CQC deems that their inspection is so important that we must display the results here, there and everywhere. Up until the point of reading the preliminary report I had no problems with this… Read More »

Brexit Madness

Regular readers will know that I’m not averse from criticising a politician or two. This is usually because they’ve been interfering with the working of the NHS which tends to be to the detriment of all of us. The present austerity measures were based on a flawed academic paper from the USA but even when… Read More »

Private Scripts

We have for a few years issued private prescriptions to patients on the grounds that sometimes it is much cheaper than an NHS script. Alas, we have been informed that issuing such scripts is in breach of our NHS contract. We have always argued that we give patients an NHS script as well as a… Read More »

We are one, we are legion

The celebrated polymath Prof Aillo has once again come up with some ground breaking research which is set to change the whole nature of medicine and forensic science. You may think you are a single person. I know that Nigel Cowley is me and I believe I’m unique (at least within this universe). But the… Read More »

Virtuous doctors

Thanks to another exciting development from Prof Aillo we will soon be pioneering virtual surgeries. Occulus Rift and HTC Vive will be releasing their new and fantastically exciting Virtual Reality headsets in the next month or so. For those of you who’ve not been excitedly following their development donning a VR headset means you can… Read More »