20th Anniversary Special – Sleep, perchance to sleep

I have written a lot over the years about the benefit of regular exercise on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. For a long time I had believed that there was nothing more important to improve your quality of life. Well that’s not quite right – there are a few riders to that wide-ranging statement.… Read More »

The End of the NHS is Nigh

Last month’s Newsletter was vaguely informative and moved away from my usual rants and Doomsday scenarios. This month we’ve returned to more normal ground and open up with a couple of articles predicting the demise of General Practice—both from differing but ultimately similar causes—the profit of private companies working in the NHS. GP at hand—… Read More »

Escape Pain

I have mentioned our efforts to help patients with chronic pain come off opiates. The problem lies in the fact that a few years ago the medical profession was of the opinion that morphine and its derivatives were really good for managing pain provided that you got the dose right – the simple message was… Read More »

USS Machine

A little while ago we launched an appeal for a new ultrasound scanning machine. Our old machine had finally come to the ends of its useful life and we needed to raise £5,000 for a new scanner. In the end, we actually raised £7,000, which meant we were able to purchase a higher quality machine.… Read More »

A Realistic And Resolute New Year

Why do we have NY resolutions? What is so special about January 1st? I was pondering this whilst sweating away at a spin class – spinning is one of my preferred ways of keeping fit when I’ve picked up yet another muscle sprain from running – usually, a couple of weeks of spinning and swimming… Read More »


I’m sure you will all now be aware that we are no longer able to accept prescription requests over the phone. I know that many of you have signed up for internet access to our website where due to the wonders of modern technology you can access your medical records—well a part of your records,… Read More »

Dear Santa

Dear Santa Claus AKA Father Xmas AKA St Nick AKA Kris Kringle, I’m a little worried I may have left my Xmas letter a little late, but hopefully, your little helpers might be able to fit in one more wish list. I know that most selfless people wish for peace on Earth and all that… Read More »


I have already mentioned the changes to the prescribing system over the last couple of months. In essence, we will no longer be accepting telephone requests in the new year – this is purely and simply because a number of errors have occurred when taking these requests – thankfully no one has been harmed as… Read More »