The Worried Well

I was recently reminded about a medical expression – the worried well. This is a group of patients who give patients a bad name, at least a bad name from a doctoring perspective. Numerous professors at my medical school would rant on about their time being wasted by healthy and wealthy patients who were worried… Read More »

Beating the Beet?

Regular readers will know that my passion for ranting on about politicians and the mismanagement of the NHS is only exceeded by my passion for beetroot juice. Not only does this liquid gold taste utterly delicious, it also helps counteract the effect that Jeremy Hunt and his cronies have on my blood pressure. I would… Read More »

Striking Times

One of the great things about being a doctor is that you can have several jobs and roles at the same time. Most of you know that my main job is simply seeing patients, but I also train doctors in the practice, appraise doctors outside of the practice, assess people with serious mental illness for… Read More »

Olympic Dream?

Wow what an Olympics that was. Second in the world – not bad for a little country like ours. It just goes to show what you can do with an excellent management structure and appropriate funding. I think you can probably see where my thinking is going. Because there are a lot of similarities between… Read More »

The Emperor’s NHS?

For many year’s the holy grail of general practice has been continuity of care and in particular the ability to see the same doctor repeatedly. The benefits to the patient, their family and the NHS are significant – patients are more likely to be diagnosed and managed correctly at a considerably reduced cost to the… Read More »

Olympian GP?

The country is still in the midst of the post Brexit blues but thankfully the Olympics are here to boost the nation’s mood. There’s nothing like a string of gold medals to make us all feel proud to be British. From a purely selfish point of view lots of gold medals coupled with a lovely… Read More »

Communication Problems?

The front cover of this month’s British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) has a picture of a huge satellite disc with the title ‘COMMUNICATION’. After last month’s Brexit referendum this seems most timely and apt. Indeed I did wonder whether the BJGP actually stood for Brexit Justifies Ginormous Porkies – lies which were obviously so… Read More »

New Job

Well the dust is beginning to settle from a momentous month’s cataclysmic events. In an ideal world I would now be celebrating the fact that our CQC report was the best ever recorded, the UK have confirmed its commitment to the ideals of the EU, England would be football champions in Europe and we wouldn’t… Read More »