Appealing Scanner

We have offered in-house Ultrasound for our patients for many years. We have been able to do this because Dr Smith has the skills to interpret the fuzzy black and white images that are created by sound bouncing around your innards and we have had funds to buy and maintain the scanner. As I’ve mentioned… Read More »

Presidential warts

I enjoy playing cards, and there’s nothing quite so satisfying as having a hand full of trumps. Which, I guess, is now how the business mogul President of the USA feels. He is the Trump who has been dealt a hand full of trumps and still cannot believe his luck. He can say anything and… Read More »

Robotic future

I used to smugly think that one of the last jobs to be farmed out to computers would be mine. Now I’m not so sure. How GPs actually do their job has no good evidence base and is pretty incomprehensible. When I train other doctors I explain that GPs are murky animals that survive swimming… Read More »

Lack of Resolution?

I’ve been looking over a few of my past newsletters and a few themes emerge. First –  … and most importantly, I am quite the most opinionated person I know. I seem to have strong opinions on most subjects, many of which I have scant experience about – for example how to be a successful… Read More »

Christmas Wishes

This newsletter has been one of my usual rants but it is Christmas and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Let us hope that 2017 is a good year for the NHS and common sense prevails.

If it does then maybe my future newsletters will contain far fewer rants – I think I can feel an idea for a New Year’s Resolution taking fruit!

An Open Letter to the Secretary of State for Health

Dear Mr Hunt, The NHS is in crisis. I’m sure, by now, that someone in the upper echelons of the service must have fed this back to you. But just in case you’re cocooned in some cloud cuckoo land where your trusted advisors have persuaded you that no doctors can be trusted on any subject… Read More »

2016 – Year of the Expert

  The December newsletter is an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s just shot by. I suspect 2016 will be seen as a vintage year by historians. It was the year when society changed irrevocably. Before 2016 all sort of assumptions could be made about society – such as democracy is alive and kicking.… Read More »