Dinosaur Doctor?

We are on the cusp of a technological and genetic revolution. Modern treatments are mind-bogglingly complex. One of our local urology surgeons recently updated us about how he operates on prostates. During my training I assisted at one or two of these operations – I say assisted that was a rather glorified term for hanging… Read More »

Weak Government – let’s hope so

Its interesting that Mrs. May wanted an election to strengthen her bargaining position. The argument was that a large majority would enable her to drive a deal beneficial to the UK and not so beneficial to Europe. This, to me, sounds like a Trumpesque argument – ie one which is too simplistic and seeks a win-lose outcome above all others.… Read More »

The Computer Says … Sorry

I am sure many of you will be acutely aware that we have recently changed our computer system. This has been one of the most difficult processes that the practice has had to endure since we moved to Denmark Road 20 years ago. We have often upgraded our system but usually, during this process, we… Read More »

Pirate Vote

In previous years I’ve put forward my hopes for our various annual elections. My success rate has been awful and my warnings of doom unheeded but I remain undaunted and will put my thoughts across again. Last year I warned that even though America could elect Trump they could also at least impeach him. I’m surprised… Read More »

Open Door Policy?

It is now difficult to believe that we spent such a long time changing the doors to the surgery. This was an idea originally suggested by the patient group several years ago. We initially rejected it due to fears of people getting trapped and doors opening due to gusty weather. Now the doors have been… Read More »

Resilient Doctors

I think I might have written about resilience before – it is a word that I had hardly heard mentioned up until about 3 years ago – prior to then, resilience was a word used to describe some physical object which could withstand some form of external pressure, like aluminium being rust resistant. Now it… Read More »


We all know that statins cause muscle pains. We know this because….. well just google Daily Mail and Statins and you’ll discover that the Daily Mail has a crusade against statins which is only surpassed by its crusade against GPs. Thanks to the Mail roughly a quarter of people who should be taking statins no… Read More »

My Health, My Way

A little while ago I thought I gave this excellent organisation a plug. I’ve just read through my article again and I suppose I mentioned them but only to the extent that their logo is pretty brilliant. I ranted on at my usual length about the appallingly awful strap lines for most health organisations. Lots… Read More »