Practice List — temporary closure

I have written previously about the pressures of our ever-increasing list – sadly the time has come when we have reached capacity for our present premises as such we have reluctantly taken the extreme measure of temporarily closing our list. When I last wrote about our concern our list size was just under 9000 patients.… Read More »

Flu jabs

It is that time of year when we start plugging your flu jabs. Usually I remind everyone just how bad the flu can be and rattle off figures about the Spanish flu which struck the world a century ago and killed far more people than the whole of the first world war and most of… Read More »

Dr Avatar

The NHS is broke. Broke in the sense of being chronically underfunded and broke in the sense of broken. I know the politicians will tell us about us about how they are protecting funding and investing more in the future – but this smacks of too little too late. Even now when I do see… Read More »

Parkrun Practice

Regular readers will know that I have extolled the benefits of exercise for a long time. If exercise were a drug it would be unethical not to add it to tap water. Roughly speaking regular exercise, 30 mins x5 per week sufficient to make you feel short of breath, halves your risk of heart disease,… Read More »

Vets and Pets Lessons for us all

As regular readers know now that our kids have well and truly left home we’ve replaced them with surrogates namely Mitsi and Milly our cockerpoo and caverpoo respectively. Pets have the most amazing ability to enhance human well-being. The genius who isolates the gene in dogs which controls their default mood mode ie ecstatic happiness, will simultaneously… Read More »

NHS – A political football

I have complained ad nausem about the NHS being used as a political football, kicked around every so often for this or that party to get elected or unelected. The metaphor works pretty well. The NHS always seems to bounce back no matter how much it’s kicked around. Most politicians seem unaware which side they’re… Read More »