Psychopaths and Psychopathy

Frank Underwood - House of CardsThis slightly odd edition of the Denmark doctor is focused on psychopaths and psychopathy.

Apart from the first half dozen editions of the newsletters the Denmark Doctor has not been a typical General Practice newsletter which should inform about the practice and various health matters. Ideally it should complement the care given by the doctors and nurses. I gave up that idea a long time ago because, well it was simply a little too boring to write about, and if it was boring to write it’s going to be boring to read.

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Anyone who knows me knows I frequently rant on about the injustices of life – as I see them.

ChimpanzeeActually anyone who read a single edition of the Denmark Doctor has probably already come to the same conclusion.

I acknowledge that Victor Meldrew is a hero of mine and Top Gear is one of my favourite programs. Take all this together and there’s no doubt I’m a grumpy old man.

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I’m basically quite a lazy person.

Pareto PrincipleThe article about Steve Peters book The Chimp Paradox has set me thinking about the ways I try to help patients by recommending resources they may want to access.

Over the next few months I thought I’d write about some of these resources.

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New Years Resolutions

ChangeThe only successful New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made was a few years ago when I vowed to make no more New Year’s Resolutions!

I made this resolution simply on the grounds that if something’s worth doing then why wait until Jan 1st – just do it!

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Out of area registration

Elderly CareGeneral practice is changing.

Throughout my career the average GP has changed from being a full time male doctor who is a partner of his own practice to a female part time doctor who is an employee of a practice.

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