Cognitive Dissonance

Since the inauguration of President Trump we’ve heard a lot about fake news. To the President this appears to be any news which criticises him personally … ie all news. Ideally he should hang up his golf clubs, turn off the TV and knuckle down to the job of governing the country and then perhaps… Read More »

News or Fake News?

Smiling I wonder whether President Trump has been reading a little bit of Prof Wisemans work into fake smiles. The good Professor asked people to clench a pencil between their teeth and measured their happiness. Psychologists do odd things like this. Now you would have thought walking around with a pencil in your mouth and… Read More »

BAD — Benefits Assessments Debacle

I have become increasingly frustrated with the state of our benefits assessments over the last 5-10 years. I know I often sound off about politicians and their meddling ineptitude which makes life difficult for us working in the NHS, but at least I can go home at the end of the day still able to… Read More »

GP Greengrocer?

I am increasingly sounding like a harbinger of doom. But when I look around at what is happening to General Practice I realise that the version of General Practice that I have practised all my career is racing lemming like towards the end of the cliff. What is so frustrating is that whilst we are… Read More »

Appealing Scanner

We have offered in-house Ultrasound for our patients for many years. We have been able to do this because Dr Smith has the skills to interpret the fuzzy black and white images that are created by sound bouncing around your innards and we have had funds to buy and maintain the scanner. As I’ve mentioned… Read More »

Presidential warts

I enjoy playing cards, and there’s nothing quite so satisfying as having a hand full of trumps. Which, I guess, is now how the business mogul President of the USA feels. He is the Trump who has been dealt a hand full of trumps and still cannot believe his luck. He can say anything and… Read More »

Robotic future

I used to smugly think that one of the last jobs to be farmed out to computers would be mine. Now I’m not so sure. How GPs actually do their job has no good evidence base and is pretty incomprehensible. When I train other doctors I explain that GPs are murky animals that survive swimming… Read More »