Practice Websites

QR CodeWe have a pretty good practice website – full of lots of really useful information and you can order your repeat prescriptions and book appointments on line as well (at present only 4% of appointments are booked on line).

But our questionnaire has shown that few of you know about it!

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Routine Health Checks

Routine Health ChecksWe had a request for details about how people organise routine health checks.

I have a very balanced view about health checks – in their place they’re very useful but they can also cause problems if overused.

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TeamworkWe are now fortunate to have several talented GPs who regularly work in the practice.

As you are aware we used to run a pretty strict rule about only seeing your registered doctor for all your problems.

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QuestionnaireMany thanks to those patients who contributed to our patient questionnaire both in its production and helping to compile and analyse the results.

The survey has highlighted a few areas we need to focus on and this newsletter covers those areas.

If you would like to contribute to helping the practice improve the services we provide then why not register your support for the patient group on the Denmark Doctor website.

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SmellsThe celebrated polymath Prof Aillo, whose pioneering work has previously been reported in the Denmark Doctor has once again broken new ground in the realms of medical research.

After years of experimenting with the effects of odours on the human body he has developed the new science of olfactomeopathy.

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CQCRegular readers will know that the latest reincarnation of the NHS has a pretty central role for the CQC (Care Quality Commission) in policing the quality of your General Practice.

The old type inspections were relatively low key but there has been a change of leadership and the new inspections have been beefed up a bit.

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Car ParkingWe have pretty good parking but as our list size increases and the number of people working out of the surgery increases we are getting an increasing demand for parking spaces.

Alas parking on the streets locally is not easy.

We are aware of the problem and are looking into possible solutions.

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